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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Scottish weather, T In The Park and Fashion! :)

Think Summer and your mind will most probably conjure up somewhat generic images. Images of music festivals, beaches, sun and warm weather!-after all summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons. Although not always in the UK and certainly not here in ''Sunny Glasgow'' During the summer months the weather tends to vary remarkably each day. Hovever it is most often than not freezing and raining buckets! Thank God there is the odd cloudless day, and by golly do the majority of scots take advantage of it-10 tonne Guys out with no t-shirts on etc....Yes it's not a pretty sight!! With such erratic weather it's hard to know what to wear! T In The Park suffered the harshness of the Scottish weather!
When it comes to packing for UK festivals, Especially those taking place in Scotland ,music fans must be prepared for every weather condition possible. This years T in the Park saw everything from torrential rain to warm sunshine –(Mostly torrential rain)  While the ''festival goers'' are often forced by the weather to wear  the world famous ''T in the park ponchos'' The stars were left to inject the festival with some needed glamour and style..and they didn't disappoint.
Here are some of my favourite fashion choices from T 2012.......

Jessie J-T in the park 2012

Jessie J wore a galaxy print swimsuit cropped into a top by Black Milk at T In The Park. - her trademark bobbed black hair was gone, to be replaced by a flamboyant, long, wavy, black hairstyle I adored the  trouser and crop top combo! 

Another star who caught my eye was Cher Lloyd. in a knee long black dress with a red heart (which I wasn't fond of) on the front and slick gold boots; I was captivated by Cher's hair, dyed a warm summery red curly  and lightly pinned back
Cher Lloyd T in the park 2012


Now I cannot write a Blog about T in the park without including Miss T in the park herself...Edith Bowman. I don't like to oppobriate Edith because she is a fellow Scot! However I abhor her new hair style! she has had her hair cut to a short, above her jawline, bob. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen her on the TITP highlights. I've felt that she needed a new style for years but that was certainly not the style i had in mind for her. Edith is not and never will be a fashion inspiration of mine, that's not to say that she hasn't made some exquisite fashion choices over the years. Here is one of my favourite ''Edith pieces''
Edith presenting for the BBC at the Royal Wedding
presenting for the BBC at the Royal Wedding Edith wore a pink high-waisted skirt by Emilia Wickstead. A cropped sleeve top and cream platform heels by Laurence Dacade. Edith's outfit attracted copious amounts of criticism ..described by one critic as being “so mumsy that both Hyacinth Bucket and Susan Boyle would have rejected it”. I must admit I am a sucker for the 50's look and I believe she pulled it off! What I especially liked/admired was the fact that Edith had the effrontery to change her style for the event! (She usually sports a 'rock chick' style. As we see each year at T.)
Edith's ''Rock Chick'' style T In The Park 

I have a soft Spot for Noel Gallagher! I don't know what it is about him...I guess it's his carefree, cheeky ''I'll do what I like, when I like'' attitude.  Noel has changed considerably since his Oasis days. He seems to have become a distinguised, dare I say sensible middle-aged man. During his set Mr Gallagher could not refrain from dedicating a song to “all the Man City fans,” However Noel showed that he hadn't lost his ''cheeky chappy'' side by shouting “F**K you” to a member of the crowd who was vexed by the dedication.. I have nothing to say on his style other than ''This is what perfection looks like

"Don't Look Back In Anger" performed live by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

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