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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wimbledon-Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Pipa Middleton, Kim Sears and the Beckhams

I'm a little late with this blog, but the fashion on show at Wimbledon! I found it really challenging to write this blog because there was so much fashion exhibited at Wimbledon which I adored but in fear of it being too long I had to cut it down to my few favourites.  Catherine is and ALWAYS will be a fashion inspiration of mine. She posses such beauty, with an efortless look. Kate wore a Joseph sleeveless cream dress to the Wimbledon mens singles final.. She teamed the dress with an ivory Joseph jacket. The Duchess completed her look with a Diane von Furstenberg ‘Lytton’ snakeskin clutch.
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge & sister Pipa

Her sister Pipa accompanied her, looking equally as stunning. She chose to wear a pale blue and navy short-sleeved dress with a jewel neckline for the occasion. 

The Beckham's were also there to cheer Andy on...well Victoria looked somewhat disinterested. She wore a forest green dress from her autumn/winter 2012 collection . Of course she wore her oversize shades and finished the outfit off with an alligator-print handbag (again from her own range.) There's no denying that Victoria has a vast knowledge of fashion (her high flying Fashion brand confirms that) and her style is first class. However it is extremely obvious that she is trying hard to look good,(her constant posing get's on my nerves)I just wish Victoria would lose the ''Look at me, I'm so stylish'' attitude. She should adopt a smile and lose the tension in her body language. For me nothing beats natural beauty something which Kate posses in abundance.
David & Victoria Beckham Wimbledon 2012
Unlike his wife,David looked excited to be in attendance at the final. I believe this guy is getting ever more handsome with age. He was sporting a 'distinguished look' at Wimbledon, with a war time hair style and classy suit! LOVE IT!

I really do envy Kim's luscious, glossy hair. According to ''The Daily Mail'' 'Sears’s basic blowout has become the most coveted in London lately, thanks to her frequent, fashionable appearances at Wimbledon these past two weeks. Mathew Soobroy, master stylist at London’s Charles Worthington Salons, told the paper. “Her style says ‘girl-next-door,’ but with a little extra gloss and bounce. We’ve experienced an incredible uplift in requests for Kim's style, exceeding requests for other celebrities [including Kate] by over 50 percent.”... Along with her perfect hair, Kim has a fresh, glowing complexion ; Her make up was beautifully simple at Wimbledon. enhancing her features without covering them up.

Kim  Sears-Wimbledon

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