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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics-Fashion!

Apologies if this post ends up extremely long-please understand that my two passions/interests are fashion and sport!! :) 

    London 2012 Olympics-Fashion!

The Queen sky-diving! and David Beckham in a speedboat! The 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was a feast for the eyes, the spectacle has given us a fantastic opportunity to coo over the outfits 

Christopher Shannon, Michael Van Der Ham and Nasir Mazhar — who are all based in London's East End, not far from the Olympic stadium — dressed 350 of the 1,200 dancers who took to the stage during a segment that focused on late 20th and 21st century British music. Their costumes were meant to represent the influence of British creativity on youth culture.
London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

“London is known worldwide for its incredible talent in fashion design," said Suttirat Larlab, creative director of the opening ceremony, who worked with Danny Boyle, the event's artistic director. "We wanted to choose young designers who work and live in the East End for the opening ceremony and who create innovative and cutting edge new ideas.

"It has been an incredible experience working with this fresh new talent, all of whom have dedicated themselves heart and soul to this project. The opening ceremony is an incredible platform to showcase the very best of creative talent in the U.K., and we are thrilled that fashion is such an important part of this," he said.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and the British Fashion Council (BFC) today announce that some of the very best young emerging fashion designers working in the UK helped design costumes for key segments of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Over the course of the last year Suttirat Larlab, Creative Director for Danny Boyle, has toured the studios of the best of British based new young designer talent selecting those designers whose aesthetic fits the narrative of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. 

Introduced to these designers by Sarah Mower, the BFC’s Ambassador for Emerging Talent, Suttirat and her team have chosen three main designers to showcase through the Ceremony and several others to dress individual talents and performers.

These three main designers are: Christopher ShannonMichael Van Der Ham and Nasir Mazhar.  Each of the designers’ studios is based in the East End, a stone’s throw from the Olympic Stadium from where their designs were viewed by over a billion people worldwide. The segment that they contributed to required a representation of the present and future of the extraordinary influence of British Creatives in world of youth culture. There were about 350 dancers wearing their pieces within a segment of about 1200 dancers - a quarter of the segment is costumed purely by their work.

I know I may be a tad biast but I think that team GB loked the best at the olympic opening ceremony in a white and gold t shirt trouser and cardi combo

I adore Dizeeeeeeeeee! So I had to give the Londoner a mention (sporting a read cardi and cap)
Dizzee Rascal performing a snippet of 'Bonkers'

Her majesty looked gorgeous although I couldn't help feeling that it wasn't very practical for her skyfall...
The queen arriving at the Opening Ceremony

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in a Christopher Kane patel blue satin coat dress 

Kenneth Brannagh turned up in a top hat. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Kenneth Branagh appears in the Opening Ceremony

Singer Emeli Sandé was dressed by Jonathan Saunders.

Singer Emeli Sandé
Jonathan Saunders dressed Sande, who sang the hymn "Abide With Me" during the evening, 

Apart from Team GB my favourite and most unusual team outfits 

Team US in jaunty berets and sharp blazers by Ralph Lauren


Belgium decided to keep it classy with a blazer and best combo in their national colors. 

Czech Republic wearing wellies. Our summer has been wet but that is a little ridiculous don't 
you think?

Denmark did a grey and red combination to go along with their national colors. The women wore fantastic red cardigans with a gray skirt and most paired them with pearls. The men wore a simple, but chic, gray suit with white shirts and red accents. Definitely wins a gold.

Ireland went full-on hipster with their Olympic uniforms this year and they were one of my absolute favorites. Skinny jeans and a green jacket—you just can't beat that!

Image via shrewdtennis
The South Korean uniforms have a nautical theme done to perfection. It's perfect for the summer games and they manage to be very sophisticated, yet sporty at the same time

THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE LOOKS CHIC WHILST PLAYING SPORT The Duchess chose a £35 dress from the Hobbs sale to undertake her first official Olympics outing to Bacon's College in London's Rotherhithe. Ever the good sport, she played some table tennis, football and had a go at judo, and managed to look impeccable when most of us would look a little sweaty and flustered

That's J.Mendel, the US label which has become the red carpet's new best friend. Accompanied by ambassador to the UK, Louis Susman, to a reception at Buckingham Palace, the First Lady looked, well, impeccably flawless, super-chic and effortless as ever. 

Samantha Cameron Olympics

Samantha Cameron

She's long been a fan of her creations so it's no surprise to see Sam Cam rocking a red and black top by Roksanda Ilincic this evening. The British Prime Minister’s wife picked the ensemble from the pre-fall 2012 collection, teaming it with a belt and sleek black trousers.

Stella McCartney Olympics

Stella McCartney

Designer of Team GB's kit, Ms McCartney, tweeted this snap of herself getting into the spirit courtesy of a glitzy gold sports-luxe pant suit. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Vogue August 2012

I've just had my 'August' fix of vouge...Gosh it was good!

It was so good infact that I was unable to work out for days how to express my opinions on it, after much thought it's review of Vogue's august 2012 issue :) 

Vogue Cover look

I absolutely adored this months cover look!! Emma stone wore an exquisite white and black sweater embroidered with crystals(£600) and a wool/leather cap(£215) both Max Mara!

Vanessa Axente!

Vanessa Axente <3
One of the smallest collums in this months vogue was to catch my eye....Information about a new and upcoming model Vanessa Axente! - This girl possess such beauty! She must be the envy of every girl! It's almost impossible to contain the bitter pangs of jealousy upon discovering that, at just 16 years of age, Miss Axente bagged the coveted opening spot at Prada and went on to be 1st out at Celine and Valention too! According to Rosie Vogel (Fashions booking editor) ''She is leading the pack!''


Yes it's almost that time of year again when the Weather starts getting colder, Leaves start changing colour and falling off the trees. Days start getting shorter and the sun sets by 4.30pm. Here in the UK our  brollies and wellies tend to become our main fashion accessories..although it's not all doom and gloom, the fashion world is here to cheer us up :) 

Autumn/winter 2012 is a season dripping with lavish colour and detail. Ornamental florals bold prints full black leather and vivid fantasy furs! 

Somerset by Alice Temperley 

Alice Temperley's debut Somerset collection!

First look at the Somerset by Temperley for John Lewis collection

The Somerset pieces have a very ‘Hippie’ look to them, but they’re all versatile enough for every girl to wear. That is what I adore about this collection, it's wearability factor! The colours are a far cry from the girly tones of this season...ranging from dark forest greens to stunning military neutrals!

Alice said “I think most women want their wardrobe to be versatile; to be stylish without being trendy; to be well-made and hard-working,” the designer said. “Since the recession, customers are spending more on investment pieces – but they want high-street buys to work harder. They want pieces that transcend seasons, and to wear in the city or the country, from the office to a night out.”
It is most definitely my favourite line this a/w! A few pieces will be going onto my Wishlist :) 

Feature on Edwardian trend 

From the very second the credits rolled over images of the maids in white mob  hats and butlers with bow ties, I was hooked on Downton Abbey. The period drama, a compelling upstairs-downstairs soap opera with a flair for period fashion, follows a somewhat dysfunctional aristocratic English family at the beginning of the 12th century.  So it is of little surprise that the three beautiful  daughters,  have evoked a fascination with the fashion of the Edwardian era. I along with millions of others am truly Captivated by Downton Abbey.The little girl inside of me just want's to go and live in that era and flounce around in those beautiful Edwardian dresses! However perhaps I can finally live out my childhood fantasy as this season the Edwardian style appears to be in (Hooorayyy!!) 

FAB316  bias cut drappe silk citrine dress with fur collar
Alessandra Rich-bias cut drappe silk citrine dress with fur collar



There was something about this piece by hermes that I found truly captivating!

The feminine florals seem to return time and time again particularly at this time of the year, I never tire of florals. Whether you want dreamy romantic florals with flair, or the wackier leafy floral prints,"C'est très facile" to work them into your wardrobe-regardless of your style, but there is a snag. Florals can be  as dull as dishwater - To save yourself from looking lifeless and mundane -Be original!.stick with unique tones and designs!

Rise if the oversize-This A/W 

 According to Vogue, ''oversized clothes are in for this fall season.'' As soon as I discovered this I was thrilled, as I do have a soft spot for oversized cardigans, but let me tell you I am quickly losing my enthusiasm for this seasons trend. I was in Miss selfridege. I had been lusting over a 'notical look' oversized jumper for weeks and finally decided to try it on. Minutes after trying it on and looking in the mirror I was running out of the shopping centre feeling extremely depressed and demoralized. Over-sized clothes can make you look chubby, and that's the truth. Only extremely tall and skinny girls will look fragile and romantic in coats looking like they have been made from two dresses, As much as I love an over-sized cardigan being under 5'3 If I went ''all out'' in the over-sized style I believe I would look truly dreadful-Definitely a style for tall girls. (Boohoo) :( 

This exquisite pink jacket is perfect for keeping you warm on a cold winters eve!   

Elegantly Waisted

''Beautifully tailored curves and belted middles - how fashion's focus is on the waist this a/w''

elegant Audrey Hepburn

 Audrey Hepburn is a symbol for, elegance, and timeless style... her reverence as a fashion icon has continued long after her passing, proved by gaining the titles "most beautiful woman of all time" and "most beautiful woman of the 20th century". Hepburn was very feminine. This feminine style seems to have returned for a/w 2012 LOVE IT!!