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Saturday, 29 June 2013

June Round up

The beginning of the month was plagued with exams, however after I got through that it was onto Prom! which was ridiculously stressful as I'm sure all girls can understand but rather enjoyable also. Then I started my summer holidays which last until mid September (I know I'm ever so lucky) I am currently spending my life job hunting, shopping (In the sale area of the high street shops) reading and drinking an absurd amount of caffeinated drinks 

What I'm Reading June 2013 

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salingeris currently reading The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

The Color Purple by Alice Walker
read in June, 2013

Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend
read in June, 2013

What I've Purchased June 2013

  • Green beaded cardigan-Primark
  • The Catcher in the Rye book-Cancer research
  • Denim embellished shirt-Miss Selfridge
  • Basic "sailor" top-Primark
  • Red patchwork skirt-Urban Outfitters 

That's just about it for my June round up. If you've read my last post you will be familiar with Stanford Row the company have very kindly given me some discount codes to share with my readers which I have listed below. I hope you all find a fantastic summer bargain. 

Designer:         Le Muse
Gift code:        Summer Breeze
Gift value:       15%

Designer:         Under The Root
Gift code:         76eUTRSummer

Friday, 28 June 2013

Stanford Row

I'm sure this new marketplace will appeal to many of you!
Do you ever get a vague feeling that there's something inherently wrong when looking longingly at a gorgeous dress knowing that you'll have to settle for it in a size that's sort of close to your body shape as long as you've embraced the fact that bits of you are doomed to poke out here and there or get lost somewhere in the show.

Here's  a quick history lesson, trust me this won't hurt :)

The clothing size format that you and I know was invented during the 1800's by industrialists (
wiki) so they could maximise mass production and make more money (note: not so as we could look better).  

This brought us such wonders as the shell suit, the hoodie, and a million pairs of jeans that don't quite fit shoved to the back of our closets.  It worked for them of course, they made a fortune out of our mistakes and so-called imperfections (oh, and on the back of their sweat shop slaves).  And up until now, we've just gone along with it.  

We expect to waste money on bad quality clothes that only sort of fit and only sort of express the look we have in mind.  We expect to be a certain 'size', a certain style, and if we're not, we squeeze ourselves into the mould and then pay for the privilege. 

Well it's time to forget all this.  It's time to celebrate our bumps and curves and expect the clothes to conform to them, not the them way round. It's time to return to the joy of a garment well made, perfectly fitted, and gloriously unique made just for you.

Stanford Row is a fabulously new on-line marketplace with on site fitting room bringing hundreds and hundreds of designers all presenting their uniquely gorgeous clothes, all made to measure!  These are not big businesses, selling as much as they can for as little effort as they can get away with.  These are talented, creative, hard-working people from all over the globe, producing little miracles which are worth every penny.

Jennifer on the "Fashion warpath" -Our Hipster Crazy World

know that this is supposed to be a blog which embraces all fashion and I believe that it does and will continue to do so, however I feel the need to rant a little. What's with all of the hipster stuff on sale in the shops at the moment? If you genuinely are a hipster then fair enough, but I don't believe that every single British teenager is a hipster and therefore it seems that a copious amount of youngsters are sporting a fashion which they don't necessarily like simply because it is 'what everyone else is wearing.' I've always been someone who likes to blend into the crowd being noticed terrifies me however I don't believe that anyone should force themselves to wear something just because it is what is considered fashionable. That is not what fashion is. Fashion is not about copying everybody else it is about being different and most importantly being comfortable. I think the point about consumerism gets to the crux of my dissatisfaction with the hipster trend, we seem to be in a culture which calculates your worth based on how much you have which is rather distressing and shallow in my eyes. I'm not saying that I dislike 'Hipster clothes,' Infact I have purchased a number of hipster related items, but there's simply too much of it and we can't all be the same. What has happened to originality? I've went off on a bit of a tangent and I know this post probably seems extremely generic and unnecessary but it just infuriates me to see young girls and boys believing that if they dress like everybody else they will be loved and accepted that simply is not true. If you are comfortable within yourself you will exude confidence, I also believe that people who don't appear to be trying too hard to look good or don't wear what everyone else is wearing look like they have "more about them" They are their own person and know what they want. I'm not saying go out of your way to be different, not at all but don't wear something just because "It's the fashion" 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Prom! 6th June 2013

Friday 6th June marked the end of my 13 year long school career.
I must admit I do feel slightly emotional and I did enjoy my time at school however I feel ready to move onto bigger and hopefully better things and also to studying a course which I am truly passionate about.

Firstly I'll begin with my makeup. I wore Mac it was my first experience wearing it and I must admit it is truly wonderful and well worth the money.
 Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant.A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin...Read more
I was going to go all out and purchase a "princess" sort of dress with lots of sparkle etc, but my ubber self conscious persona simply would not allow it and I ended up wearing a very understated dress from Yumi . However, I thought it looked very elegant and I felt confidant in it which is key!
 I'm not a big fan of going out without sleeves so I decided to buy a blazer to go over my dress and I found a light pink/ creamy lace one in Warehouse which was ideal!

Hair...Unfortunately my politics exam was the same day as prom which meant i didn't have a great deal of time to get ready, so I had to do my hair rather quickly. I bought a 'Hair doughnut' from Primark which I would highly recommend. It gives your hair volume which was great for me as I have very thin hair so it made a nice change. I also clipped some flowers in my hair-from my mothers wedding bouquet shhhhh!!