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Friday, 28 June 2013

Jennifer on the "Fashion warpath" -Our Hipster Crazy World

know that this is supposed to be a blog which embraces all fashion and I believe that it does and will continue to do so, however I feel the need to rant a little. What's with all of the hipster stuff on sale in the shops at the moment? If you genuinely are a hipster then fair enough, but I don't believe that every single British teenager is a hipster and therefore it seems that a copious amount of youngsters are sporting a fashion which they don't necessarily like simply because it is 'what everyone else is wearing.' I've always been someone who likes to blend into the crowd being noticed terrifies me however I don't believe that anyone should force themselves to wear something just because it is what is considered fashionable. That is not what fashion is. Fashion is not about copying everybody else it is about being different and most importantly being comfortable. I think the point about consumerism gets to the crux of my dissatisfaction with the hipster trend, we seem to be in a culture which calculates your worth based on how much you have which is rather distressing and shallow in my eyes. I'm not saying that I dislike 'Hipster clothes,' Infact I have purchased a number of hipster related items, but there's simply too much of it and we can't all be the same. What has happened to originality? I've went off on a bit of a tangent and I know this post probably seems extremely generic and unnecessary but it just infuriates me to see young girls and boys believing that if they dress like everybody else they will be loved and accepted that simply is not true. If you are comfortable within yourself you will exude confidence, I also believe that people who don't appear to be trying too hard to look good or don't wear what everyone else is wearing look like they have "more about them" They are their own person and know what they want. I'm not saying go out of your way to be different, not at all but don't wear something just because "It's the fashion" 

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