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Monday, 9 September 2013

Sophia Bush-Size Zero Isn't a Size"

Sophia Bush Declares War on Urban Outfitters "Eat Less" Top
I stumbled across some tweets referring to "the war on size zero" which has been ongoing for a number of years attracting a great deal of media attention and I felt it necessary to share my view on the blog.

Now firstly, I'm in recovery for anorexia nervosa and I must admit recovery is without a doubt the hardest journey I've ever embarked on. It is an incredibly hard journey, the smallest thing can trigger a sufferer and set them back greatly which has happened to me on a number of occasions. It is a battle which you must be prepared to fight 24/7. An eating disorder completely ruins your life it takes all of the happiness away and replaces it with hurt and pain, so I'm fully aware of the heartache that eating disorders can and ultimately do cause. 

Sophia Bush Declares War on Urban Outfitters
I do believe the urban outfitters top with the slogan "Eat Less" is outrageous there's no denying that however, Sophia Bushs' "Zero is not a size" is equally outrageous in my eyes. I am a size zero (UK 4) I know that I have an eating disorder but I am currently at a healthy weight and I am still that size. I am very short (5'1) so it's very natural for me to be a size zero.

I am in no way promoting eating disorders or unhealthy dieting. I am all too aware that many models and girls within the general public alike do engage in disordered eating behaviours to achieve and maintain the size zero frame which is obviously extremely unhealthy and I am in no way suggesting that anybody should put their body under such strain. I do believe that everybody should embrace their natural size, after all your natural size is the size you look best at. There are some naturally curvy girls out there but there are a copious amount of naturally teensy girls also and they should not be made feel any less of a person just because they are naturally small!


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