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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Victoria Beckham Dress...Yay or Nay?

Usually I only look at the sports pages of the newspaper as in my humble opinion the majority of the articles in the papers contain useless gossip and nonsense which is of no interest to me. However, today I ventured over to the dark side and in doing so I spotted a picture of Victoria Beckham (one of my favourite fashionistas) In an extremely oversized dress. I personally thought it was exquisite, however my parents thought it was ridiculous my mother going as far as to say "If that's fashion, oh I don't know, society has gone  crazy" I put their negative reaction down to their age and told myself that they simply "don't know what fashion is" However, as I scanned the internet I noticed that there was a copious amount of negative responses to VB's wearing of such a garment someone calling it "The fashion faux-pas of the year" I'm now curious what are your opinions? Am I in the minority in liking such a piece? 
victoria beckham love it or leave it

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