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Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Round Up!

Well hello there! Apologies for the severe lack of blogging recently. If you follow me on Tumblr you'll be aware that I've had a lot going on recently. However it hasn't all been doom and gloom It was my 18th at the start of the month and I also got AAAC in my exams and therefore got accepted into university,things are looking up. So as of september the 17th I will be an International Retail Marketing student. I have over a month's holiday left to cram in as much shopping and fun as humanly possible. I was planning on doing posts about events which I had attended each week during the summer but in fear of overloading you with a copious amount of somewhat vapid posts, i thought I'd do a short round up..enjoy x

AUGUST 4th- My Birthday
Cat Top-Asos, Leggins Miss Selfridge, Necklace Thomas Harkins
I had a lovely birthday went to the Bank pub in Glasgow with my parents and the barmaid said "If you have children you've got to have a meal" I was quite embarrassed. However she eventually asked me for ID and apologised.

August 6th-Results Day
I was dreading results day because I was convinced that I had failed all of my exams, however turns out I hadn't done as badly as I had thought and got AAAC. I am now officially a uni student woooo!  

August 13th-Edinburgh
I had a wonderful time in Edinburgh. One of my friends and I went to the fringe and seen some top notch comedy shows I also managed to fit in a few beers and cocktails.

Wearing my cat top AGAIN Cardigan-Primark

19th August-Catch up with a friend

Making the most of my new found ability to go to pubs, went to Wetherspoons with one of my longest friends for a catch up. I had a nice evening although the prices of alcohol in the establishment unsettled me a little. 
Owl top-AX PARIS
August 30th-Friends 18th Birthday Party

Unfortunately, due to my being horrendously un-photogenic appearance and general ineptness with regards to photography the pictures from the party are all dreadful. However, I had a wonderful night and got some wear out of my new owl top and funky tights.

Owl top-Ax Paris

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